DBCA Exception in thread “main” solution

I have got the exception while i was trying to run DBCA in a Red Hat linux 5 server.
I have set DISPLAY to and and still the exception occured.
So i started looking around but failed to find any help. hense this post…
What i have done is quite simple.
i have logged on into the root user and then in the terminal i have logged on to the oracle user using su - oracle command.
Issuing the DBCA call from the oracle command then tries to connect to the active xwindows host which is… you guessed it right! under root user and its privliges. this will not work due to security default setup.
using the command xhost + will remove the security settings of connection from different users and will enable the DBCA to connect to the xhost under the root user.
Remember to run the xhost + from the root user (if you allready issued the su - oracle use the Ctrl+D to logout of the oracle user without password request)
Hope this will help Noobs, like me, to get over stupid things we make ourselves go through.


  1. luv you for this one… 🙂 I could have spent hours tracing java errors before I realized it was the X-Win session environment…

    the longer story… I was actually connected through X-Win as the Oracle user, but there are mulitple installs of the Oracle app on this box (init install had java errors). Since the .profile had the environment values for the original install, the X-Win session had the same environment. I am usually aware of this stuff, and I changed the environment values in the terminal session, but getting the X-Win values correct just slipped by me… thanks for the posting. Saved me a headache!

  2. Thanx for solving the problem now i came to know the reason so thanx very much

  3. Suthzy says:

    Worked like a charm…thank you so much.

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