Are we heading for collapse?

While reading, well not reading but listening to, the book Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed I began to ponder about the world I have brought my son into. are we in the same path? is our world doomed? can we create a better future?
The talk about Australia as a over farming and land clearing that is still taking place even today when the consequences are known. That’s only because of the voting system giving the rural stations a levrege over the rest of the population.
Listening, Yeah i listen to audio books on the way to work, to the idea that developing places like China and India may kill the rest of civilization due to acts of neglect over pollution and land over farming gave me the shivers and kicked in the doomsday fear.
But i see the book in a different way today a few weeks later. i see the book as eye opener and as a warning sign that we all should look at and act by it.
I think that this book pours a very bright light on some interesting myths like the easter islands and pushes them into the scientific area where the extinction of the civilization is not related to aliens and other mambo jumbo.
I enjoyed the book and recommend reading it, or listening like me, the first chance you have. don’t skip over this wonderful opportunity to broaden you knowledge of other cultures.

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