The age have published a blog post by Julie Bishop about the silencing of former UK Treasurer and Minister for Energy Nigel Lawson while on a quest ot publish his latest book.
The post talks about more issues with relation to the subject but I want to go further into the denial of publishing.
Since in the web community users know that silencing is not feasible any more, the control on what will or won’t be published is no longer in the hands of a few, the Voltaire quote presented in the beginning of the post is valid today more than at any age.
But we are still living in a capitalist world and Mr. Nigel Lawson wanted to publish his article to gain out of it so instead of freely distributing his controversial message through all the available channels he turned into a standard publisher.
Why then when the capitalist world that cares for money more then opinion turned him down and was not willing to publish his controversial message the act was immediately denounced as silencing?
Wasnt it possible that they were not willing to take the financial risk?
Should that be considered silencing?
I beg to differ!
This is not silencing this is an institution protecting their assets and continuity.
If from another hand Mr. Nigel Lawson would have chosen to publish the book freely and it would have been blocked by service providers from general distribution to all the users of the world then it would have been a silencing.

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