Right brain rules! or does it?

According to the lecture given by Jill Bolte Taylor and titled “My stroke of insight” the exposure she had to the right brain and the exposure to a nirvana like feeling has made her enlightened and showed her the essence of life. she has replaced the meditation with a stroke and experienced the feeling of pure nirvana and enlightenment usually experienced after years of meditation and torment, when it is not even certain you will get there.
All is good and the message she carries with her is a valid and let i say scientific one that is more penetrating through the clouds of science of current times. after all it is been made by a neurologist’s that experienced this and is describing it in a very scientific way.
But i have one issue with the experience. this is more like stumbling upon a Sir title and claiming to be a gentleman. its more a nuvo rich experience then a true enlightenment. The effort to retain normal living at the end of the exercise that took her 8 years just puts it in some what perspective. this is not the enlightenment described in the eastern scriptures or even in the kabala.
Real enlightenment might come from the right brain taking over and might be the solution to world hunger, but inducing enlightenment by disabling a person is not natural and, more important, earned one. This induced enlightenment is probably more of what we might call the tunnel of death and any other critical situation experience that our mind might create when the body is experiencing stress. this does not mean that the experience is not there, nor that the sensory data was different but that the way our brain translated this data and the way it analyzed it with the a-priory perception made it that life changing experience.
Was it that? I am not sure. Did Dr, Jill experienced nirvana or enlightenment? sure she did! was it the same as the one experienced by Buddha? Don’t think so. But her a-priory perception sure made her think it was. and by Buddhism that is the most impotent thing.
The message conveyed by Dr, Jill is very important, her poetic and emotional display and her captivating character are, with the help of a dead mans brain, making this walk through a stroke a must see! her enlightenment is truly moving and making me hold my breath every time i see it.
I hope that anyone wishing for enlightenment will not go banging his left side of the head to a brick wall hoping to get a blood vessel exploded and try the more conventional ways we have around the world today.

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