Adeo Rossi site is down still

My issue with this is not that the site is down but that the message on the site claims:

The current site ran into problems after upgrading WordPress.

The site is being restored from back-up, and should be online within a day or two.


— July 17th, 2008 –”
2 weeks later and we are still waiting for the backup.
my point here is not the importance of the website to the world but the failed promise that comes with the deadline.
This is one of our biggest problems in software development. we are human and expect things to happen as promised, but when a dealine is comming and we know we are not going to stand it we never bother to get the warning out and the apology.
Too many deadline have come and gone in more then a few projects where the IT managers never appologized for the delay and the pain of dissappointment.
We should learn to make it a habbit!

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