Hackintosh compaq EVO 620c

I have been trying for a long while to install on my Compaq EVO 620c a OSX86 Hackintosh.
I am now trying the Leopard version of Kalaway.
the system whould not boot so i got to the point were i seeked and found a good solution
boot from the dvd and press f8. then type -s
when it finises loading type:

fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0
flag 1 (your partition number)

This solved the reboot problem i had with my system and the computer can now start debug proces.
I am still having a few issues but i am dedicated on solving them.
Hope to update soon.


  1. Hi, so did you made it?
    I want to install Leopard on my evo 620c and looking for some help.

  2. I have made it. it was a nice experiance and everything including the wireless worked. but it was not as stable as i expected it to be and i was fearing the deletion of the OS and loss of files thus gone into a mac machine

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