Hibernate Auto-generate .hbm and .java

This is one of the best descriptions of how to use the Hibernate tools to reverse engineer a DB into ,hbm and .java files automatically.

I will post the description here if it will ever disappear.

  1. Download the hibernate-tools jar. [i]
  2. Extract the jar to plugins folder of Eclipse.
  3. Start eclipse.
  4. Click on [File -> New -> Other -> Hibernate -> Hibernate Configuration File] and create a cfg file. The following properties should be specified : jdbc url , username, password, DB schema, driver class and dialect.
  5. Click on [File -> New -> Other -> Hibernate -> Hibernate Console Configuration ] and create a new console configuration. Add the jar file that contains your DB driver in the classpath section at the bottom.
  6. Enter the name of the console configuration. Click Browse button against the Configuration file and select the cfg.xml file created in step 4.
  7. Click on [File -> New -> Other -> Hibernate -> Hibernate Reverse Engineering File(reveng.xml) ] and select the location of the file.
  8. Select the cfg.xml file created in step 4 as the Console Configuration. Click on include button and specify the schema and table name(s) to reverse engineer. Multiple table names can be specified using sql wild char (eg: TBL_%). Click Finish.
  9. Click on the Hibernate icon in the tool bar and select the [Hibernate Code Generation ..] option.
  10. Right click on the [Hibernate Code Generation]tree node and select New.
  11. Give the name of the configuration and select the console configuration created in step 5 and reveng.xml created in step 6-7. Also select the Output Directory,
  12. Go to the Exporters tab and check Generate domain code(.java) and Generate mappings (hbm.xml). Click run.
  13. The hibernate mapping xml files and Java classes will be created in the output directory specified in step 11.

UPDATE: [i] Some of the new versions of eclipse come with the tools pre-installed, if your version has the tools pre-installed jump to step 4


  1. Yes great, this helped me generate code hbm.xml and *.java file for the new tables added to the already existing schema. Used Eclipse Helios as editor.

  2. Laxman says

    Hi . I am using Eclipse Galileo, MySql 5.0, Here i have done all the steps that you mentioned, i have created hib config file, console config fiile, everything is fine even i am able to connect to database and see the tables, But the problem is it’s not generating either hbm file nor java files. i tried many times but no result.

    Where it messing up, i have given Output directry …project/src

    Please help me out.

  3. Did you start from step 4?

  4. Laxman says

    Yes, i did step 4 to step 12 , but failed to generate files. please suggest

  5. do you have any error messages in the calipso log? any errors anywhere?

  6. pinoteres says

    Laxman, in step 12 after you check XML Mapping, Domain code, DAO, or anything you HAVE TO add Output directory property for each of them (by Add button below, in Properties section).
    I don’t know why there is Output directory field in Main pane, because nothing is generated there 😕

    If you still have some problems try to fallow this guide http://iablog.sybase.com/paulley/2009/02/reverse-engineering-sql-anywhere-with-hibernate-tools-part-trois

  7. Thanks !

  8. Shailesh Padave says

    I want the functionality which will generate the XML file and the tags for the XML file would be the variables from Java file depending on the Annotations.


    public class test{
    public static void main(){
    String test,test1;
    XML File

    Can we do that using Hibernate in-built functions or any API.. Need urgent help on this Topic..

  9. Sachin says

    I generated the Domain Code(Models) and Mapping files. But the problem is,
    they are not following the Java syntax. Eg: my database table name is : usergroups and modelname generated is Usergroups. But it should be UserGroups(acording to Java syntax, evry word first letter capital.)
    I am using Mysql database.
    If you help me in solving this problem, that would be great.
    Thank you !

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