BadVista movement

I looked through the GPL website and encountered this

Looking through their site i got the hunch that they are just badmouthing the new Microsoft OS Vista, that is nothing to be proud of, laking real substance but using the hype of the new Vista unpleased users.
Their main claim is that Vista is harming your freedom. thats too slogenish for me so i took a deeper look.
Their main problem is the DRM and its effect on the usage of the hardware.
i think that it is a better situation then the Mac one. they control all of your hardware by a chip so you cant install a non mac hardware. they use iTunes and iCal to limit your usage of media and calendar to their usage.
So i still think that the Vista case is less then the worst case.
I do support their cause and the move to Linux based operating systems and i am not going to upgrade to Vista since it is truly not an upgrade but a downgrade from XP.

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