Weather emoticons, are they nececary?

Weather Bar
this is too funny.
the usual sun in the AccuWeather bar in my Fire fox has turned into a thermometer raging in red.
Is it the end of time? are we going to light up like a torch tomorrow??
The amazing iconization of weather is funny one. the dependence on icons that mark a certain feeling and emotion can truly get off the mark. if you look at the MSN Messenger emoticons Msn Emoticons
What is this green Halk thing? ohh its a sick man about to through up.
Is the sheep a bestiality figure or for counting sheep’s as i go to sleep?
there is no right iconic mean to capture a true emotion as far as i can see. the main use of the emoticons is to pass the smiley figure to state i am laughing or happy and not mad.
i think that language as a whole needs no icons i can still use the LOL or lol. and remember that there are lots of other shortcuts used to spice the mood of the text.
I do believe that our current language needs enrichment into the next phase of textual communication. it is not as clear to take the simple text and make out of it a mood.
unfortunately we are not all writers and we cannot be at best with the language or as Earl Nightingale stated, in lead the field, the top 5% of the population.
There were proposed new languages like Zlango the icon language who took the language into the realm of stupidness and lower common denominator. this wont create a stable language that generates books.
So i believe that the abbreviations that have crawled into the English language have been adopted in the last couple of years are looking like a better solution.
Every time i am looking for the more sustainable solution is the one that enriches the old one.

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