Vignette Ephox editor

Apparently the enclosure of the Ephox Edit live for Java is very well integrated.
I had scanned the whole stage for the configuration file but failed to find it.
after looking in the Configuration agent i found the Configuration JSP.
but it had no remenance of the configuration of HTML Filter or any other structure that the Configuration utility from phox will understand.
i have allso found the XSL template for the widget that will display it and thought “mmm this is a good place to call a JavaScript attribute alteration to the encloseText attribute” but alas i have not found any JavaScript call mentioned in order to do this trick.
What i did find in the JSP was the include of a /editLiveJava/vign-elj-config.xml.
This seem very promising so i went to the VCM and called the URL. Voila i got the right looking configuration file.
I tried tracking it down and found it in vgn-appsvcs-editlivejava.war inside the VgnContentSvcs folder.
How did i find it you ask?
Just guessed that i am looking for editlivejava from the URL.
Apperantlly i was right.
But i had trouble in getting the file back up. a restart to the server after repackaging the war file.
this is where i turned to vignette to find the file and the deployment method.
they returned and told me that the best way to get it there is update the VgnContentSvcs.ear with the repackaged war and redeploy it.
you do have to remember that the ability to redeploy it depends on implementing all the changes to the widgets in the ear before redeploying it or else whoosh there went all the changes to the widgets.
So this is my own Ephox EditLive for java in vignette manipulation.
All for a single problem the encloseText.

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