I need some AIR

This is such a lame headline… but i had to write it since i do need some air from all these Flash replacement XML based technologies.
Since Adobe Flex joined the hood there is a proliferation of “make your own flash replacement”.
There is sIFR that proposes to replace text in your site to flashi, contenti, nicei, litllei, widgetti, you get the drift.
there is the new Adobe AIR that does this you can also figure out that the new Microsoft Silverlight is a pal in the hood.
regarding the Silverlight name did you notice how light saver like it is… some one in Microsoft is way to Star-Wars geek for me.
but thats only what i was exposed to in the light side of the moon and i have not yet peeked into the dark side.
i do really wonder, do we really need all this XML to flash mambo jumbo?
i believe that there are uses to each of the technologies.
i think that the Microsoft one will be the longest lasting. why do i think that? well flash was a designer software much like the Photoshop, but since the flash unvailed its programmability it took in some developers and the designers took less part in the process you could now actually paint stuff with code.
so the next step of using code to generate the whole flash like UI will drop designers into the need to code for themselves.
The coding style will matter to the converted designers and as flash introduced script the .Net introduced simplicity to the coder. this will appeal to the designer turned coder and will make the technology more accessible.

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