HIJAX-Did you Hijacked my Ajax App?

In this project i am involved in there is a wide interest in the creation of a fully loaded Ajax website.
though it is so Web 2.0 and so yahoo oriented it is not based on a flexible enough technology that was aimed at the Ajax support.
so what we are dealing with is gap filling, we cant support the request/response and thus left with semi Ajax website.
the look was aimed to the Hijax solution… but looking at the Hijax as an Ajax metaphor is the best way to understand it.
Hijax will basically take a website that is Standard XHTML and will create a neat way to look at it through the use of DOM from Javascript calls.
look at this presentation it is based on Hijax and is capale of producing both the Simple XHTML and the Ajax look and feel of a PowerPoint presentation.
But is it really ajax?
may i start from the main idea of ajax and that is Asynchronicity or the ability to load the page in segments using multiple calls to the server.
This is the Request/Response that uses POX or JASON to get information back and forth from the server.
The next thing about Ajax is the ability to create a User interface that reacts to the user based on the data it can get from the server.
The simplest example is the Auto complete text box. in this scenario if a user enters text as he enters it he will get suggestions for possible completion and can select one of them instead of typing it.
This is done mainly by using DHTML based on the DOM and JavaScript.
The ideas layed behind Ajax were more then just creating neat responsive applications. they were based on letting the user call to himself the data he wants and to lower bandwidth usage when catering to a large crowd.
The Hijax solution will create a very responsive look and feel to the interface but wont be able to cut bandwidth and create the Asynchronicity that any other true ajax solution will bring to the table.
On a more positive note. the Hijax solution does let the Google bot and like to scan your site vigurosly and will let you build BIG pages that will be indexed as a single page but the user will see them as tabs or any other DHTML solution.
The main benefit of having ajax is the Asynchronicity so in that aspect the Hijax is not Ajax. on the other end we do lower our sites ranking with Ajax based components and thus hurting ourselfs.
Bear in mind that implementing Ajax frameworks is by no means simple so Hijax claims to be a better solution in two fields
In conclusion Hijax gives us two main benefits:
1. Ease of implementation
2. Indexable content.
But it is not a true Ajax framework and thus limits our interaction to the simple XHTML overlay user interface.

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