Processing, a java based language

So i was introduced today to Processing, this is a Java based language and platform for image and video processing.
it is now used to develop the visualization plugin for iTunes named Magnetosphere. the development was first created in processing and then ported into C++. and i wonder how the process of porting was done since the two environments are totally different. plus the plugin was developed to Windows and Mac and that is a great effort from the development in process to the final product.
Browsing around to some more of the processing user base i have found Flight404 which is a blog made by the creator of Magnetosphere. it is a very nice artist desktop that give us the opportunity to see how the design process was done.
some more sites developed with processing are hindsite of Truila that lets you see the buildings by their build date and the streets growing up. its nice but very limited and in the growing process. plus it takes time to figure out the way it works.
I can now surf into the GUI design argument that copying a simple solution to a different problem will not always result in the same simple solution.
But the Google map’ish interface was not giving me the right information.
Now for the fun part of processing. it lets you play fun games. really play them like we used to before games came to my green screen.. Mobzombies ia a nice spaceship like game where you need to run in order to escape the zombies. but the port is limited to a sony UX and they are working on a version you can wear and hook to the Nokia N series. well…. i wont say a word. may be one, x-box. oops those were two weren’t they?

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