Minis or widgets? what are the yourminis

As a portal developer and architect i am entitled to question the creators of yourminis what are they looking to get?
in a portal environment the minis are basically widgets letting you decide where in the site you want to display this and that kind of content, though the yourminis thend to be am RSS reader widget if you ask me.
They do have one big advantage on the portal.
you can put minis everywhere you want
like the TechChurch mini right here

For more widgets please visit

but this is not a difference since it is just like embedding an RSS reader when the source code is in the portal (yourminis site).
so i assume they are looking to ump their traffic. and create a buzz.
but the company that introduced itself as desktop replacement set its course out of the desktop alternative rout it puts itself in the portal world. with portlets running around the world wide web.
time will tell if this is a truly useful in the desktop replacement scene as suppliers of widgets or will the go to the personal portals like mine?

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