Code coverage tools

I have recently encountered the 60’s idea of code coverage and still struggle in grasping its usage and its real advantage.
since you Unit testing already covers the code in an automatic process and since you are going to get every peace of code in the running then the aged idea has only a tiny fracture of the code not covered and leaves us with the 90 some percentile of code covered.
But thats good only to code coverage and not the other aspects of code coverage like Condition coverage.
But as software engineers encountering all kinds of other human challenges especially managerial ones do we really have a need to investigate the codes in other means the QA? will the measurements of Unit testing in so many variables will help us to establish a better software project standards?
i heard a lecture calling for better project quality and standardization. in that lecture software projects were equate with building projects the presentor stated that software projects should be as long lasting as roads and bridges.
I have two remarks on this statement:
1. the ability to manage pre QA development quality through measurements is a very nice addition to our world but it won’t change the problem of inadequacy to clients needs.
2. the only thing differencing software from a bridge is the requirements (they haven’t generated new requirements to make a car run a road) in software they tend to change rapidly and thus making the current project inadequate.
to summarize the Code coverage tools i have to say that incorporating them in an iterative project will benefit the code quality and will fit with the coding practice. though i wont get my hopes to high in the non iterative process since the classical project management tend to be a hell from the requirement aspect and not the code quality.

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