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I have to say that the Last few months wee hectic. but changing the direction form C# to Java and the need to start the project including recruiting (had to write a test for the applicants), standardizing and learning the Vignette topology is quite time consuming.
So alas i have some good outputs to put on the site and they are very simple.

trying to find the best resources for portlets development i have found some nice mentionable resources.
one is a book Professional Portal Development with Open Source Tools.
I highly recommend the first part that takes you through the Portlet (JSR168) standard and its difference from servlets.

the next is a more up to date JSR168 and AJAX guidelines that is nicely done by Sun.

the third is a PDF from IBM that is more the Standard (JSR168) from the IBM point of view but it does cover alot of ground from the standard point of view.

and last but surely not least are a couple of blogs dedicated to Portlet development:
JSR 168, WSRP, Portlets & Enterprise Portal by Punit Pandey
A Day in the Life of a Software Developer: Portlet Development & Enterprise Portals by Punit Pandey
Yes i know they are by the same author but not always the same posts go to the same place.

i have a 2 more
CLD on Sun Portal and its open sourcing
A PDF on the JSR 268 (Portlets V2)

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