My newest creation and hobby, The Aquarium!

My new Aquarium
This is a sweet water aquarium that i thought in the begining to make a salt water out of.
the expense was too much for a small aquarium so i have decided i will make it a sweet water one.
i now like it alot. though it has not been a real challange to a saltwater one and i might make a saltwater one from a larger 10 gallon aquarium (i want a mini rif cuz it can be placed on your desk.).
hope you enjoy it. if you look real close you can see a Bamboo Shrimp hiding there beneath the tree trunk.
my fishe are Neon Tetra and Callistus Tetra. and one Plecostomus Catfish to clean the whole thing up.
i seem to have hit the nail on the head with this tank because the fish are all happy and the tank is very very clean.
for the plants i will need one more fish Otocinclus vittatus to clean the leaf of the aquarium.


  1. susit sinha says:

    Hi nice aquarium. i ‘ve an aquarium size l-36″h24″w18″having well grown plants with five 5″ discus &few rainbow fishes, i run filter 24 hrs,plantgrow tube light for 10hrs a day.i change partially ie 1/6th of total volumein a month . everyone who comes to my house, can’t go without having a close look at it. i use no addatives & use only tap water after dechlorinize it.

  2. Administrator says:

    I have to say i have since moved to no aquarium and planning my saltwater one.
    But as you said it. all you need is a tap and nothing more then biological balance.
    Do you have a semi dry filter or a normal pressurized filter?

  3. susit sinha says:

    Hi It’s nice to receive a reply, thanks for the same.
    I’ve been using Aquanic Power head with filter,I think the bacteria in the filter column and the plants do the job of balancing the water quality & maintain bio-cycle. I tried about 3 year back to set up a marine aquarium, but failed for not having adequate gadgets required for maintaining water parameter.
    would you be nice enough to let me know how to grow Java fern on bog wood. Thanks again.

  4. Administrator says:

    I belive this is not a Java fern. i have no clue on its real name and this aquarium is long gone.
    I am getting a new aquarium in the next couple of days but i belive that the Java fern is not there.
    i hava Java moss there and lots of Caridina japonica and Red Crystal Shrimps. so i am moving to shrimping…
    hopefully i will get it done right.

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