YouOS a new operating system.

This must be the full throttled buzz moving.
This website claims it will replace the desktop and OS altogether.
I guess that if this is going to be stable available and with enough programs you know their interface and not proprietary ones then you will see people on the move neglecting to buy a laptop.
The application as an alpha is very cool like and very nicely working. But. Its not more then a web 2.0 site.
Ité─˘s merely a nice interface to a few components and a main é─˙Process Manageré─¨ interface to close the running ones.
This is not an operating system. It is more a global tool for running proprietary applications that the team is writing like its chat RSS feed reader and mail reader. I see Microsoft buying these guys and making this the new live windows platform.
But wait. They have it already in Redmond. They call it Windows live it just lacks the globally unifying desktop interface.
I have to admit that the funniest and pretentious application of all is the YouBrowser.
A browser within a browser. what will happen if i will go again to YouOS???

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