Web Service LOB and SharePoint

I have been trying in vain for 2 days now to add a Vignette WebService to a SharePoint data catalog as a LOB WebService.
I have managed to decrypt the XML schema you need to load to the server in order to point to the Web Service as a line of business.
Thanks to the very partial SDK explanations and their very elaborated example I have managed to create a Schema XML to match the WebService (Lots of trial and error have been the best help)
But I keep on getting this error:
System Utility can only handle raw entity instance streams of type IEnumerable or IEnumerator Parameter name: rawAdapterEntityInstanceStream at Microsoft.Office.Server.ApplicationRegistry.Runtime . AbstractSystemUtility.CreateEntityInstanceDataReader (Object rawAdapterEntityInstanceStream, SharedEntityState sharedEntityState)
Full Error
In the ULS error log of the SharePoint server located at {System root}\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\LOGS\.
I am getting frustrated and am now about to claim this as impossible.
The service is located on an Apache AXIS application server and is fully functioning from a .Net 2.0 web application we built here.
The error seems to be a problem looping on one of the items in the array.
The structure though is very simple:
You have a OutTable[] named OutTableArray.
In it you have an OutTable.
And in that you have parameters.
You get a parameters list in every OutTable.
I think I got it.
I havené─˘t defined this as Array.
I think that I am not running on the Table itself but only getting one row.
I will try to fix this issue straight at the morning (I Still havené─˘t got the MOSS running at home).
It’s good to write.


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