SharePoint (MOSS) Installation Problem

I have been trying to install a SharePoint server in a VMWare machine for a long period of time.
First let me mention that I had a Beta 2 install of a SharePoint server and since I have made such a mess on it from the administrator I thought “why won’t I just start fresh? Just delete this and reinstall it.”
And so I did.
I have deleted the VMWare files.
Reinstalled windows and all the prerequisite (Workflow,ASP.NET 2.0 etc)
Saved a copy of the VMWare install on a DVD (yeah its less then a DVD).
Turned the VMWare up and installed MOSS Beta 2 on it.
At the end of the installation you get a check box asking you if you want to start the configuration wizard at the end of the install.
It is by default clicked true. As I did with my last 3 installs I have kept it check true and waited for his 10 stages processing.
While running the 8th stage the page changed and all of a suddon an error appeared in the screen claiming the database could not have been opened.
Now I am in a point where I finished the installation 4 times.
Every time I run the wizard I get the error.
If I try running the wizard the second time I get a different error.
But the that error asks me to run the wizard again. And so I do only to get the first message all over again.
The error point to a log file and if I seek the error I find this section:

Log File

Now I dont know who to point to this log file or where to send it.
I know that the DB is there and available for the Administrator.
I know that all prerequisites are installed.
So what is going on?
If you open the readme of the server and you go to the website it points out to you will see that the Sharepoint installation problems section is empty.
I need to some help on this.
Who can I contact to make Microsoft aware of this problem?

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