Open source VS Propriety Web Content Management

My client has been entangling the question of Open Source Web Content Management system or a Product of some sort.
Since the question rose with Vignette product I have been seeking some comparisons.
Sifting through the web I found a double post on the subject (Post1, Post2) that is very interesting from the aspect of any WCM solution.
I will classify my insight as WCM Open Source Vs. Product.
“One major area in which OpenCMS (and other open source products) lag behind Vignette (and other proprietary products) is the ability to replicate content.”
I see this as a major problem in a big enough news/media/culture site that posts tons of info and has a very big amount of channels and probably a huge archive they want to take use of implementing Content Reuse.
More over the need of a client to creating content to be shown in a specific form in the site and the ability to time its publication is a must in these fields.
The staging process in an organization this type is a must, like a right arm the content manager needs to see the content in the site. I think that visual is the most important in a site like FOX.
é─˙If both the staging and live are same and something goes wrong with the staging environment, the live site too goes down. Not a desirable situation at all!é─¨ does this sound like a solution to a staging problem? Or a new problemé─Â
é─˙One of the major benefits of a content management system is that you can repurpose content. For example, you create content centrally but publish it to different sites which could be dispersed geographically.é─¨ This is not a benefit. Ité─˘s usually a must. You reuse content when you create contestants site to é─˙American Idolé─¨. You need reuse and only not to work so hard in rewriting data.
Though I have to say that the reuse of text is not that important, most of the reuse you will get is in video, images, flash, linking components and so on.
é─˙Since there is no replication, it becomes difficult to cluster and scale up. OpenCMS does provide an add-on module for clustering but most others do not.é─¨
Hey do you think that scaling up is a feature? The idea of 100,000 hits sounds frightening if the time is an hour. But what if it is in a minute?
Come on the site has to scale up and flawlessly.
é─˙Taking site back ups (as opposed to database backup and file system backup) is tricky.é─¨
For peaté─˘s sake, I have enough of bad HD that failed when you least wanted them to. You want to backup the system like in WordPress a click and your done.
Looking at these griming points from the articles and after working with Joomla for a while I can see the difference between the open sources small to midsized sites to the products that are capable (though costly) to support an enterprise situation.
You cannot expect to get an open source solution to act as a full replacement to the major products.
But for a non media oriented client like a bank, telephone company, electric supplier or any other service provider out there you can suffice with the solutions that good open source projects supply.

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