Information Power

A genius took President Bushes speeches and composed a new version of the U2 song Sunday bloody Sunday.

This is a great example of the ability to reuse data freely available to a private purpose.
This is a nice Web2 information reuse and contribution case, even a classic one (if this is at all possible).
I love the idea of creativity with no boundaries. It gives a whole new un-American view to the word Freedom.
As oppose to the Israeli law which is more socialist and lately went the wrong path and tries to link true identities to the talkbacks and other internet activities.
Doesnt it seem funny that people that now react to things with a vengeance will disappear from the world in a few monthsĶ
Lets see what will happen to the guy who created this video.
If he is American then Nothing!
If he is Israeli then Everything!
This is what happens when you let the cat watch the cream he steers at you while licking his paws and asks in a very earlish way Did I do that?

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