Configuring a LOB WebService in Sharepoint 2007 – The Easier Way, Part 1

This is going to be a hard one.
Since you have no rights to admin the first SharedServices you have to create a new one.
Because the administrator of the SharedServices is Network_Services and you cant logon to its administration.
So go on and create a new SharedServices provider.
Go to Shared Services Administration in the central administration website.
Click the New SSP button.
Now fill the page with your information.
You see that you cannot select an existing Website as the main Website. You have to create a website from scratch to add it to the SharedServices Provider you are now creating.
The Drop Down will only contain websites that you are in control of their SharedServices provider and not ones that are under network services.
Create a new site from the link “Create a new Web Application”.
You dont need to create an administration site since it will be automatically generated when you create a new site.
After the site creation is done you will be returned to the same page. If not re-click your way to the SharedServices Administration and open the drop down menu hovering over your newly created application and choose edit properties.
You have to also change the new provider to the default provider.
Remember to change the indexer to the server name you are on (or the indexing service that you have in the company).
After you have created the new SharedService Provider and created a site to add to it from its menu you are ready for the next stage.
Next stage will be next week and will display the creation of XML schema depicting the WebService instance you want to connect to.

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