Social Anti Networks

There have been enough buzz to create the anti-buzz.
(where there is matter there shall be anti-matter.)
so here comes the anti-Social-Network (inface this is a social network backwords)
this is where you can snub other people and define them as people you dont like.
and there is a more agressive aproach by isolatr claiming that the people that you wanted to punch will now leave you alone. i guess they have their own thugs for hire…
and there is the newest joke extortr here you have the next scanario of anti socializing in a criminal way (not really sure it applies in every country so i am guessing).

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  1. This is too funny – what’s next, anti-delicious? 🙂

  2. Administrator says:

    I’d say the next thing in line is anti-google.
    you enter key words and you get everything that its not with those keywords.

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