Sharepoint V3

Going through the sharepoint V3 beta VPC there are some questions that pop in mind.

those questions are in the vecinity of what have they changed?

it all seems too V2.

you can find in the microsoft lectures the we did it in .Net 2.0 and thus it is very new.

i agree that the basics have upgraded. you can utilize the new .Net infrastructure and you do have improved scanario (sps + WSS – areas).

but the search that is named MSN Serach does look the same. and probably indexes in the same meta implicite way.

and the surveys…. did they change a thing there? unnoticable still a funny drilldown.

i guess that i will still have to heavily build custom components.

oh. i think that the LOB (line of business) connector is only for searching capabilities and not to publish data from.

if i am correct then why doesnt it let me configure channels on it with automatic (or even customizable) publishing mechanizm.

is it that difficult?

all in all i am pleased with the products advancments and i am waiting to get some more drill down information. though i see nothing is to look for the next couple of weeks.

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