Sharepoint integration

I have just seen a sharepoint integration lecture from a great guy named Scott Jamison (blog). he works for microsoft and he is very knowledgable in SharePoint.

it was an intreeging lecture (hope the link works) with nice tips.

one of the nicest was the ability to auto login into outlook object (essentially SSO). the main idea is to keep in the defenitions of Internet explorer the exchange server as a trusted site and thus sending it the credentials from the IE.

i wonder if this will work for other Active Directory enabled products as well thus trully enabling SSO for sharepoint.

the other thing he showd was how to customize the dropdown menu of the WSS team site file manager with a javascript file change and an XML line changed. it was in the 1033 folder under XML that the file was changed (dont remember the name).

very nice very quick and hopefully supported in the 2007 version (so i wont have to work too hard).

Scott demonstrated the outlook 12 with its RSS feeds. and i dont see a lot of use for it beyond SharePoint feeds registration.

i dont belive i will replace BlogBridge in a while its filtering capabilities are like magic.

overall the lecture was very interesting and usefull. i am recommending it warmly.

i allso wait for Scott to post in his blog the answere to my questions as he promised.

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