MSDN Beta WIKI is a place to put your comments to the MSDN content.
It is not a place to edit the MSDN.
You can contribute comments (I think it was available less cooperatively in the older MSDN2 version wasnt it?).
When you try to edit content you get this

The Community Content feature provides an area where developers can collaborate on additional information related to the associated documentation topic. Use this section to contribute code examples, tips and tricks, and links to other relevant content.

The content in this section is broken into blocks. Try to group relevant information together in the same block. If you are contributing a new category of information or a new code example, create a new block by clicking the add new content link at the top of the section. Before creating a new block, please review all the existing blocks to make sure the information you are providing doesnt fit into an existing block.

The Community Content section is NOT the right place for bug reports, questions, or discussion about APIs or documentation topics. Use the following resources instead:

* Submit bug reports to the Microsoft Connect.
* Ask questions in the MSDN Forums.

So you can comment it but not blasphemies it.

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