Microsoft TechEd 2006 and budjet cuts.

I dont know what you guys say when you see a Leve 300 lecture from Microsoft as a webcast.
I usually go “great! allmost the full technical but with some show” aka Scrumptios.
today there was Windows Workflow Foundation: Building Workflow-Enabled Services with Windows Communication Foundation (Level 300) lecture straight from TechEd 2006 in boston.
guess what i said

“Scruptios” thast correct!
so i went along and joind the masses to watch this webcast.
it was very close to 22:00 here in israel but i said i have to see the dude combining them both as the lecturer pointed out “WF(c+1)”.
I joine in and waited for the code rush.
The first screen of create new application was on and…….. nothing happened. well nothing at my side of the table. the lecture was on at full thrust but i couldent see any thing.
I picked the Problem flag up and asked the peopel at the end of the line to help.
i got this:
“We appologize, due to bandwith issues we are unble to send the feed”
i thought they might get it fixed and then get the show on the road. after all this is a Level 300 lecture now. or is it?
the lecture went on and nothing changed.
every time they went to a Demo wew got a slide saying “Demo we appologize but due to a bandwidth problem we are unable to display this feed. you can get all the information displayed in this presentation in the post event DVD.”
the post event DVD costs 200$
couldnt Microsoft invest in a better line with a larger bandwidth?
no stress test there ha?
70 people is all that it takes to drop the feed of the mighty goliath from Redmond?
i say no way.
this is way not OK.
i want that portion of the DVD for free!
i even said so in the lecture. but they whouldnt confront me on the subject, just “Were sorry for the…..”

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