Intel announces a new chip.

Intel is about to announce (on Monday) a new Chip for servers, code-named Woodcrest.
I am proud to say that like “Yona” (Core Dou) this new chip was designed here in Israel.
Though some persons in the pro world think that this is the rescuer of the ever decreasing market share to AMD, I am not one of those.
I believe that the water gate has a gap in it that is unmanageable.
The sentence that represents the power of AMD to my opinion is “Once you go black (AMD) you never go back”.
I believe in it since I saw it in so many small scale organizations.
The way AMD is a money saver also helps it out in the rising markets like India and China (I think also Africa)
And saving on the energy bill is nice but not as nice as buying the same “horse power” for almost half, or even decoupling the Win-Tel schema.
I see a different future, one that AMD fights the technological problem of Notebook CPU and get some in the market, a future that AMD is the 35% of the computers (sold with Linux/UNIX of course).
I wonder if the Mac-Tel program will ever break the price range and make Mac a more choose able option to a PC. This will boost the market share.
But ever since Dell got into AMD and broke the Intel chain there is an increase of market share in the AMD solutions in the server arena.
There is a common belief that Dell, HP and IBM will get AMD back into the personal and laptop computers but these are currently just roomers.
I am waiting to see the results of the first release of Conroe and Marom chips. If they will be as unfulfilling as the Yona realease this will be intels mark at pushing itself down. Even if 9 micro in FAB 28 ‘that is still in the making, reaches in 2 years this will not be in time to change the momentum.
I think that the Marom chip needs to battle a bug anticipation (even by me) battle after the guys in intel said following the bad reviews of Yona claimed that the improved one is on its way.
The AMD laptop market needs to pick up speed and get beyond Acer Ferrari to wider array of robust brands and wider array of products.
Since laptops are the next desktop (weather you like it or not they are going to be a lot more common then desktops in the next 3 years) they are the market that AMD can rule if they only had the will and vision.
I dont see them getting there since they have the IBM vision of servers first.

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