Annotation as Tags

After looking around to find some sort of annotation mechanism, for private use and not collaboration in the office, i pondered on the ability to tag everything and the contributability of this sort of information.
i guess i am not alone in this process of thought but i am getting some clear idea of what should be done.
i have found an IE version of this at
they have annotation and collaboration mechanism based on a plugin enabling IE to be collaborative.
then i looked around for the Firefox version of the toll but they have none.
looking around got me to annozilla. they are more what i was looking for since they are tendering to the personal level with some minimal ability of collaboration.
with this at hand i am going to ponder some more on the possibilities that lie ahead.
Tag me now baby!!
when tagging and comments meet the flickr way you can see that comments in a tag fashion is good at small scale.
but think for a secound on comment taging in large scale (instead of commenting) to a very popular picture.
it is going to block the view and each other.
there may be a place for page comments and tag comments.

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