“I think i saw a pussycat” (tweety)

there might be something going on with the google search engine.

they might have developed a new feature.

i just hit 2 differant searches at about 3 hours differance in google.
the result was similar though the search line was a tad differant.

First¬† i looked for “new your radio guide”

went to lunch

searched for “radio guide”

got the first two hits the same as 3 hours earliar (and both are the visited ones).

could it be that google is saving some sort of a cockie in my computer?

might i have an unknown online ID?

there is something susspicius in this behaviur.

now i am in the mist of work so when i am done in a few days i will try to replicate this behaviur and to investigate the technological source for this.

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