Sorry for the slow down.

i am now changing my employer.

and most important a role.

i am comming back to the code!!!!

back to create one of the best content sites in the nation.

i was so stressed that i had no time to get to this website.

and the bombardment of credit,loans,mortage,medicine etc. was enourmus….

and time consumming.

so now that it is all in the past and i am on my way to a new venture i will have more will to update this site more often.

my first update is Vista.

we installed the beta at my brothers machine.

its nice….

but project looking glass is way better….

UI wise there is no comparisson.

the so called 3D of the vista is no match to the real 3D of the LG.

there is of course the sense of usability and the need to use windows based software like photoshop…

i think that the users that will need to keep windows in their hand are loosing some of the advantages of open source development.

the community of looking glass are wild and free to roam places the windows team cant go budgetwise.

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