[Book] – Pro C# 2005 and the .Net 2.0

after reading a few chapters of the book Pro C# 2005 and the .Net 2.0.

It seams like a nice book, very easy to read and understand. the tips and the knowledge shared by the author are tremendos and enhance the reading experiance with a sense of “ahhhhh”.
its source code is very helpfull commented and simple. not a messed up mesh of code for many chapters but each segment of the chapter has its own source code.

it is not very focused. it is very broad and tries too hard to cover lots of ground.

i whould like to see once a pro book that is very good in windows programming or in asp.net and not taking the angle of both. i whould like to see in this type of windows programming book a GUI book a DATA book and an ARCHITECTURE book.

or a very good book on all these subjects.

i want it to be written in the flowing and understandable language this book is written in.

i want the tips to be broadening like in this book.

may there be BOOK!!!.

p.s. – if you have any recommendations of such a great book then share them with me. i need a good winforms programming book lately.

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