Working with skype out

just a few days ago while my normal ip-phone failed to work i bought 10$ of skype out.

i thought that the service is probably not so good and that the quality will be somwhat cheep as the price you pay per minute.

well. my theory was far from the truth. the service (as long as you dont call cellphones) is great. the call quality is matching the normal phone quality (if your computer is working properly). and as long as you have good network connection you can be sure to oporate this.

i have a 2Mb line and a 128Kb upstream so i have a very good quality with all the emules in the house down.

its a fair price and if you have a bluetooth headset and dongle (or built in) reciver you can walk the house and talk.

the one thing i need is to be able to dissconnect the call with the button on the headset and skype to be voice activated.

when these two are fixed i will be a happy man.

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