Compact Flash Microdrive

I have recentlly purchased a Hitachi Microdrive for my Olympus C-8080.
it is 4GB capacity was lucrative for the 159$ i purchased it for.
the alternative was 300$ for a 4GB flash CF.
i like the Microdrive alot and think that the card is one of the best you can have. it offers the ability to take lots of pictures in a trip and the ability to move 4 GB of data from PC to PC.
altough i am very pleased with it i have encountered a few problems with it during the work with the C-8080.
but i know that non of them were the cards fault.
the sad truth is “the C-8080 cant work good enough with slow cards”.
unfortunantly i had to prove the theory i suggested.
The camera with the Microdrive installed will not fire up in display mode.
The card just doesnot initialize that fast and the camera is looking for it too fast.
The work around is that you open the camera in photo mode and then change the mode to display.
there were some photo problems when i took pictures in strange angles but they have ceased.
i am very pleased from the choice and i like the card but the camera is not very well adjusted for it.

i worked with Canon EOS 300D and the Microdrive and they were more in sync then the C-8080.
There is a review of the card that is talking more about reliability then performance.
i allso noticed Seagate have produced Microdrives.
i dont know much about then and i think they are all derived from the same design of IBM.

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