Installing Mac OSX tiger x86 on Intel

I was so happy to hear the announcements of the intel version of the mac OSX that i thought i can have a mac allso….
I went to the job and got me the installation DVD from emule.
Fixed an old Pentium 3.
read some stuff on the net.
and then figured it out:
1. it wont run like a MAC.
2. its only for the show.
3. i better spen my time on other things.

the resources i have read were:
The corporate drone OSX on a PC article. this is a very elaborat and very good source of how to.
then io read Void Inside greate article Running Mac OS Tiger on your PC -The next geek thing to do?
and of course got the reading bug in OSx86 project.

so if you are still in the mood for spending time only getting the os running only to delete it and then get to the next thing go to the first link. its the bomb.

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