little nuisances

You all know those little nuisances that are not bugs but kind of wrong perception.
well i hit one not a long while ago.
if you have both Visual Studio 2003 and Visual Studio 2005 and you open a file that is registered to one of them (*.cs,*.cproj,*.config etc.) , except the solution file, it will open in the latest version of Visual Studio (i.e. 2005).
I returned to an old project of mine and wanted to open a file in Visual Studio 2003 and hit the nuisance.
the worst file you can open is the project file that starts the conversion wizard.
I guess that the microsoft guys want you to convert to the new religion. Visual Studio 2005! repent sinners of the 2003 version!
I hope some dude in microsoft will read this and say: “Hey why wont we create a version selection middle tier that will offer the ability to save the preffered version or keep it popping”.
But i assume they wont read my blog anyhow.
guess i am stuck with this nuisance.

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