Client Side Caching

i am in the mist of seeking an elegant client side caching solution.
i have encountered the Client Callback of the ASP.NEt 2.0 and started investigating.
i found this article from Fredrick Normans blog and it is quite the description of an AJAX solution.
isnt it just AJAX with no DHTML.
if you go to that direction isnt it better to use the Atlas and extend it?
Eron Wright talks about the 2004 PDC revelation of Whidby and yukon row level tracking for caching. old stuff but is planned to work.
but i am trying to find a true client side caching mechanism to get my data residing in the client side and making it refreshable only at the loading point of the application session of the user.
How to do things has a greate article on the client callback.

what my clientreally seeks is a true client side cache mechanisem at the memory level. it whould probably be a JavaScript solution wich i dont like but then again we could build a standard library of objects just for that.
it might even go to the realm of ActiveX.
i am still seeking.
if you got an idea then let me know.


  1. zjg_robin says:

    I also encounter the same problem, maybe more complex, I need double level cache in the client side, one in memory, the other in file system since the data we need to cache is large. Now, I am looking for solution for it. Do you get answer?

  2. Administrator says:

    You can use 2 solutions
    1. use the XML http and build activeX to store them in the client cache
    2. use the javascript and the browser to get the XML (they will automatically be cached).
    but this doesnt put it in memory.
    i think you can use the ActiveX (beware of IE7) scanario and levrage it with a versioning mechanism in the XML content.
    there is no way to cache in client side beyond building your own browser.
    You can do it while using the WebBrowser object in a frame.
    we did it for a clinical application but it is way to complex to do it for any other reason.
    caching is usually a server sort of thing and a proxy sort of thing not a client related term. and there is a reason why.
    i hope you can find a better solution since i have not really solved it just bypassed it.

  3. zjg_robin says:

    We chose to create an ActiveX to do such job.
    Exactly the first solution you said. We do not have the version control of the client data, instead we the overtime mechnism to reget the data from server.
    Does it ok?

  4. Administrator says:

    Its sounds about what er did only we had a versioning solution.
    the stamp of the file contained a datetime sequence that enabled us to handle invocation of data.

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