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Based on Peter Provost post and Keith Brown post I surfed on over to Pandora to see what was going on.

first i have to say that i have never defined my perferd music as “Based on what you told us so far we are playing this track because it features Punk rock influence, mild rythmic syncopation, repetetive melodic phrasing…”
this definition has triggered some toughts in the back of my mind on how we define our music preferance. when we say punk rock what is it musically described? and how can i describe the similarities?
how can you link from Django Reinhardt to The president of the united states?
then the professional side of me comes to play “so thats the trick that the guys took into account when they made the system…” thoughts crawl down.

In the case of this system the only bad mouthing i have to do is to the configuration process and the way you add songs/bands to the preffered station. this is a very bad UIing and processing of the system.
you are very clumsily able to get your wish but there must be a better way.
beyond that the quality of music and the guess work is great.

highly recommended utility for the people who like to explore, if you have some patience (and time) to configure your music station.

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