Clemens Vasters Lecture

I attended yesterday the lecture of Clemens Veters for the C# user groups and the .NET Software Architect group in israel.
it was called “Remoting, ASMX, Enterprise Services, MSMQ Ķ or just wait for Indigo“.
The show started with a simple remoting implementation as the basis for all the later Enterprise Services (DCOM), Web Service (including connecting a web service to a DCOM process…) and the last was the adaption of the same code block to indigo.
the show was terific.
the best of all was the parts where coderush was playing around the screen. i think that clemens should get a presentage of any licence sold to developers he lectured to.
the one thing that poped my mind whle Clemens got entangled with the coderush auto generation was the “Does Visual Studio Rot the Mind?” lecture notes.
i saw there Jackie Goldstien and Clemens sporadiclly reminded him that this is not VB… especially when he neglected the ; at the end of a statement.
i also saw Gad Meir from idag.
this show was a greate show and it is very interesting to see some well adjusted performance of coding and talking in the right ammount.
i am wating for the code and the video so i can pass the knowledge to my teams.

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