Are we regurgitating?

It seems to be that many things are written on the ammount of data that the human kind will accumilate in the blog age (sharing age) of the knowledge era.
i am pondring on the thought of the ammount of posts been resubmitted (with simple tools) to scrap more revenu or the copy paste posts.
I allso look at all the kids, bloging their “no information” posts that take their space in the blog communities
so after reading in the Linked book about the idea of having the entire knowledge of the human kind on the net (free or not) i was pondering about the blogs role at data posting.

Are they really a knowledge resouce? what about blogs that repost. how can you look at this data?

can we tap into their content?

Is the need to elaborate or expressing an opinion to a post through another post is really a data source? and comments what about their content?

I want to look at the idea of blog posts as data source and the way to analize them for a bit.
you can look at the post and its relations and start with a tree design of all posts and their relations.
this is the first look you sould take on a community right?
now you can look at the comments the content of them and the links in them. if the links are relinked from any where in the community within the tree there must be some sort of a relevance to the comments link.
now after building the linked tree you can start looking at the time sequence and interwove the comments and the links.
this can be woven into a big quilt of information with subjects and categories.

the subjects are the combined posts headers, the categories are the blog posts categories and the declared category of the blog (we might need to add some sort of a standard for this one).
by utilizing this you can work out the comunity of the blogs and the data they containg.
and then you get to the duplicated posting issue.
when you see one of those how can you recognize it is duplicated?
what should you do since it is probably posted in a differant domain?
i belive in accumilation as a way of life but this is not every bodies liking so there is a lot to think about the way you can tap into the vast space of blog content.
i belive though that double posting for a living is like littering in a park. you wont notice it until the ammount of people that are littering is too large.
i think that the creative commons (cc) is a good initiative in the way to control the littering and copy pasting from one another.
it is not perfect but then again…

just “Dont Litter” the blog community.

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