Links. Web as a starting point for science

I am in the middle of reading the hebrew version of Linked: The new science of networks.
I find it interesting how researching the web’s structure has influenced science to look into other networks and realize that nature’s networks are not socialistically growing and equally distributing but on the contrary they are capitalistically growing.
It seems that the networks are growing in a very human like way with the willing to connect to a preferred point in the world.
Even I have linked here to 2 major sites like Amazon and Yediot books.
When you search for news you dont google “news” you go to your favorit news supplier like CNN, MSNBC, Ynet, NRG or any other.
So there is no equal chance to get the same connectivity in a new news site as with a well established one.
But it is not the age of the site that supplies the amount of connections to it its some thing else. Its called awareness and it is reached by marketing. Websites have spent millions on the marketing of their websites, why? To get you to know them very well.
I am recommending this book, though I dont know the end of the story yet, because it has broaden my view of common things.

added: a link to the authirs personal webpage Albert-Laszlo Barabasi.

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