Windows Presentation Foundation Sample

The north face demo is one nice application.
this is very enriching user experiance to the ammount of coding done.
it is a great feature in the GUI of Vista.
but i think that at the end of the day the “in store” data search needs to be alot more centrelized since the product is semi technological. there is not 5000$ need to know more about what i am paying for since it is so technological that i dont get it.
i think that the experiance fits best in a web world, this needs to be the online store experiance for shoppers with allmost tuch the cloths experiance and the testemonials.
for all the developers there this seems to be an awosom coding experiance.
if you notice in the video the project manager talks about the transformation of the main programmer from Web to Win in 6 weeks.
i see how.
look at the How To Whitepaper in msdn and see how even the 3D carousel is very simple to program.
i am amazed from the capabilities of XAML that evolved from the 2004 PDC.
I cant wait to come home to run this demo on the system at home. or may be i will get to it now from here?….. he he he….

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