think Outside of the box

in his book The Art Of Project Management writes Scott Berkun

“My fundamental point is this: do whatever you want with the box. Think in the box, out of the box, on the box, under the box, tear apart and make a fire out of the box, whatever, as long as you manage to solve the problems identified as the goals for the project. Make the boxes irrelevant in favor of understanding the problems, cultivating people’s best creative energy, and aiming all the team’s power in the same direction. As Thomas Edison said, “Hell, there are no rules here. We’re trying to accomplish something.” Make sure any rules you create serve the process and the people in it, not the other way around.”

its funny and so true.
this box bull is so “dont eat watermelon and drink water” outdated.
it reminds me of what we had today a conformism / non-conformism chat regarding extea ordinery people at work today and we agreed that it doesnt make you more smart to be non conformist.
it just makes you more popular.

regarding the book i do belive that most of his ideas are applied in my day to day job. like setting the vision and drafting the “why” to the people in the project either verbaly or in the written documents. also i see that the better the analisys and design i do the better the project quality and trackability.
i see the corelation.

plus this book is awsom!!
it has light attitude to deep thoughts and bureaucratic natured actions.
it reaches you very naturally not forcing its views just presenting them.

i am recommending the book.

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