Atlas Vs…

Wow there.
its nice to see only what benefits your code.
at the Ben and Dion’s Ajax Mission there is a post regarding the responses to Atlas.
i think it is ok to rant on the microsoft team inspiration gone unnoticed. i whould do more then that but hey we all have our way.
but to go on and say it takes 23 pages of Word document to get through the Lab. well the code example may not be 2 lines but it is in the document and all you need to do is copy it.
it looks like this:

< %@ Page Language="C#" MasterPageFile="~/Default.master"
Title="Atlas HOL 4" %>

<asp :Content ID="Content3" ContentPlaceHolderID="Main" Runat="Server">

<form id="Form1" runat="server">
<atlas :ScriptManager id="AtlasPage1" runat="server" />
<div class="page" id="links">
<div id="content">
<h3>AutoComplete server control</h3>
<p>This file contains a server-side Atlas AutoComplete.</p>
<atlas :TextBox id="searchBox" runat="server"
AutoCompletionServiceMethod="GetWordList" />


and seems to be straight forward.
comming to think of it its 2 lines of code.
the text box and the script manager.
but lets not fight.
i think that the low code behind ability coupled with not so great code is a thing to look at.
there is the “i know ASP.NET and this seams so easy” factor here. and the “i need no real language other then VB.NET” factor also. but at the end of the day i belive they both will do the same.
as to the control over the ball. if you like soccer and you know a bit of tactics you would know that letting the ball loose and letting it pass by itself the player infront of you is one heck of a way to go forward.
the translation is that i think that microsoft with its MSN team and the Atlas framework will be more then the standard though i belive ruby on rails is alot webbier. the standard is set by the industry who likes making money not inventing lightbolbs in the web.
we like the lightbolbs and think that the potential is there.

BTW i did all of the labs and i find it very nice but not practicle to use Atlas in a controlled environment with code behind running business logic.
i have the Lab 1 , Lab 4 (with the service from 3) and a partial implementation (no CSS) of Scott Guthrie Atlas Keynote Walkthrough. in my 2.0 website.
This is about all for the atlas ordeal till it will mature and control the industry…
just kidding.
we’ll see what’ll happen with it.

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