Visual Studio Hacks is coming back to life.
i like the book alot.
i like the idea of the site alot.
i whould like to help at it.
i need to find sometime for it.
the only thing i worry is about the site direction. is it going to be all about modding the visual studio or will it lose the direction it initiated and become another code project?
any way.
gotta work
look at the site here
and at the blog post of the founder James Avery here


  1. It will definitly stay focused on Visual Studio. The only things I plan on adding are a tips and tricks section (for just Visual Studio tips and tricks) and an articles section for large pieces on Visual Studio. Let me know when you have some time to contribute!


  2. Administrator says:

    Very nice to know.
    when i get back to the programming guild i will sure drop some stuff.


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