Microsofts new releases

Microsoft is intending to release its IIS7 soon still unknown date but in the next year i assume.
Paul Fallon has a very detailed description of the new IIS7 architecture.
this is a very very interesting way of implementation.
Its the first time i see microsoft going into the nucleus particles of the system and releasing a nice set of API for managed or unmanaged code to run + the structure of the ISAPI is extended to become some what servlet like. it is now releasing the IHttpHandler that seems to be from a long distance an IIS managed servlet interface.
You can now access each module and shut it down or replace its content. you can extend the IIS7 in a very neat fashion.
I see the potential in this new architecture.
from IIS to WinFX.
there is a new Workflow Foundation that is just SDKed out of microsoft.
they promise a release of a non WinFX release in the mid or end of 2006.
hopefully they will deliver.
it seems a nice interface for complex work. i wish it will be able to position you in a bigger frame of work connected to a website/central storage. that it will be able to conrtol your flow centrally!. not just locally.
hope to see that sync action comming to their mind.
and the last release that the microsoft team has done is the Visual Studio 2005 RC.
again in a very small scale there is a competability crack in the ice.
if you use the Membership feature in the earlier version you have to read this
thats the new stuff for today.
i have to

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