ASP.NET 2.0 Atlas

A new very appealing addon to the visual studio has emerged from ASP.NET website its Atlas and it is a very elaborate implementation of Ajax.
For those of you who dont know what Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax) is then reffer to this link its a great sttaring point.
Atlas is not another Ajax implementation it is the utilization of the Ajax power in time and effort reduction.
this project seems to bring to the ASP.NET world the client side data filtering and paging wich is a very logical thing to do. it is suppose to be thee right from the start.
i see the power of Atlas in the seemless implementation, the data driven attitude, the UI fortitude and the great integration into the Visual Studio.
I see claims to use the data in the client side though i havent seen an implementation yet i see how it is possible and simply, i think that an extention that will create the best solution to the local data is to create an XML island in the page and fill it with XML data to be sorted/paged/filtered at the client side.
by the look and feel of its raw QuickStarts and Documentation it seems like a great potential template for the next generation of Websites.
i see the potential but yet to explore the implementation.
i will post my findings after exploring Atlas some more.
there is the PDC walkthrough of Scott Gu wich is very good and Nikhil Kothari blog with lots of information including architecture of the solution.

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