Acceptance of .Net 2.0

I have read the posts by June Scott Mitchell and Milan Negovan about not been at the front of the Microsoft tidle wave.
They seem to miss some of microsoft greatest characteristic in making no major change only minor.
we have stopped seen the Dos to Win 3.11 changes thease days it is all about improvements.
when i first met the Whidbey version in the PDC of 2003 i was more then fascinated i was amazed that microsoft will be changing so much in such a short period after the .net 1.0 was out.
i had the first longhorn and the first whidbey CD’s installed on a VPC on my laptop and i was XAMLing and playing around with it.
when the next version came i saw that the Visual Studio team came back to its senses.
now with the RC in hand i can say that the minor improvements are up and running.
i have a big project currently running (since Beta 2) in Leumit health care and it seems to be seemles to flow from .Net 1.1 to 2.0. there are some big improvements and some drawbacks but in the overall prespective we have not jumped a trench rather took a step forward.
the fear i can relate to is the need to control both versions.
the rate of adoption of new technology, especially when the changes are not really that big as the investment will be, is very slow.
you wont see many upgrades to C# 2.0 like you did in C#/.Net 1.0 release.
the only motivator to move forward will be in the SQL relm and that will drain the funds for the IT departments.
i think that the .Net 2.0 will be only a transition period to the next version of windows.
when Vista is out then there will be a new version of the Visual Studio(Visual Studio code name “Orcas”.) and there will be some nice improvements that will make IT managers and CTO’s want to invest money in to it.
till then i got one project with futuristic enugh people that took me there and i thank them every day.

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