Is this mic on?

The loneliness of the web can be dreadful.
it seems that even the guys that pass wround here are not willing to share their wealth.
luckely i am in the mist of getting it at the end.
unlike the project i am running at work.
we are trying to get the teams to support each other by sharing the knowledge.
i have collected tons of books on many subjects for the programmers to search in.
and we are now making the first steps into materializing a web based knowledge management system that connects to the VSS check in check out events and collects the data changes made by the programmers and the remarks they entered.
this should be the first stage in the path of sharing the wealth inside the company.
the next is to use some sort of a website to share some sort of articles in the company.
may be it will be the Community Server
or some sort of Wiki.
still in the search of the solution.

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